Accepted Payments 

 Paypal  $415

Paypal charge 4% Fee per transactions

  •  Cash, chashier checks, money orders to avoid any transaction fee. 

  • The remaining balance + Washington sales tax, will be due prior to take your puppy home.

                      Health Guarantee

  • Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of purchase. We require that you, the buyer take your new puppy to your vet within 48 hours. If within 48 hours from the time you , the buyer take possession of the puppy, it is found by a licensed veterinarian not to be in good health we, the breeders agree to refund the purchase price upon return of the puppy to us the breeders. A refund will only be given upon receipt of the report from a licensed veterinarian. We, the breeders are not responsible for any expenses incurred.

    This guarantee does not cover, Coccidiosis, Giardia or acquired worms, as we have treated the pup for these and they can be easily re-treated should these conditions occur. Also not covered is hypoglycemia since this is a management issue, which is the responsibility of you, the new owner.

    This guarantee is null and void if you, the buyers do not take the puppy to your vet within the 48 hours and return to us, the breeders a report from your licensed veterinarian with in 7 days from the day you, the buyer take possession of the puppy.

    Your puppy is guaranteed to be free from congenital defects for 1 year from the date of birth. If your puppy is found to have congenital defects with in that time, you must return the puppy to us, the breeders at your (the buyers) expense with a written statement from a licensed veterinarian for either a new puppy when one becomes available or a full refund of the purchase price of the puppy. We, the breeders are not responsible for any veterinary bills acquired by you, the buyer due to the congenital defect. We, the breeders will not pay for the diagnosing or any treatments regarding the congenital defect. Should you, the buyer decide to keep the puppy we, the breeders are not responsible for any current or future vet bills regarding the puppy.

    Your puppy has been on a vaccination, Giardia, and Coccidia treatments, and de-worming schedule here. Please take the vaccination record we provide to your veterinarian. It is important to continue the vaccinations and worming schedule for your puppy and don’t forget annual boosters after that!

    Please remember puppies are babies too! They need plenty of rest, fresh water, regular food, a warm/dry place to sleep, regular exercise and T.L.C! If you have any questions or concerns about your puppy please call us. We want you to be happy with your puppy and any problems or concerns need to be brought to our attention. Please do not hesitate to call, it may save you time, money or even your puppy’s life. Some of our puppies are sent home on medication. This is to ensure the puppy’s immune system is not comprised when stressed. Please make sure to FINISH all medication.

  • This Health Guarantee applies to the original buyer of the puppy and is not Transferrable to any other person

A  nonrefundable deposit is  required to hold any puppy until it is old enough to go to your home.


Those families who had their applications approved, will be contacted to  submit the deposit.



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4. Do you have fence and a yard for puppy to play?

5. What other Pets do you currently have in your home?

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