Chloe 20 lb F3 Goldendoodle

Chloe is a sweet and shy Doodle. Once she gets to know you, she is actually a talker. She is a loving Mom and obedient. She has soft red wavy coat, hazel colored olive shaped eyes and red nose. In the past, she has beautiful puppies with wavy coat and long loose curl coat.

Sophie is a calm 19 Lbs. Goldendoodle and obedient female. She is affectionate and very clingy, royal to her owner. She rarely ever bark, except she tries to tell us what she really wants. She is true mini 16 inch height with soft, red wavy coat. She has big white patch on her chest. She has beautiful red party puppies with unique markings.

Candy is a very happy and drop dead gorgeous  23 Lbs Goldendoodle. She is affectionate and very clingy. She is a talker and bright, really know what she wants. Who will not fall in love with her?

She has very soft, red party wavy coat. Her large Tuxedo white patch on her chest, face and all over markings are just stunning.

Muffin (20 lb), graduated and RESERVED.

Apricot party, Tuxedo Marking, Mini Ultimate Golden Doodle

She is spunky and playful. Then, she is shy to strangers.

Very obedient female Doodle, rarely ever bark. She has  apricot spiral fleece coat, with huge white Tuxedo markings on her chest.

Muffin is a confident. and have bright puppies as she is. She gets along well with other dogs and children. She has beautiful puppies with unique soft non shedding coat and distinctive markings.

Jewel (20 lb)

  Red white chest  Mini multigen GoldenDoodle

Jewel is perfect mini size Mom. She has  beautiful soft red fleece coat, with  white markings on her chest, paws, chin. She has very big round brown eyes with red eyelashes.  She is very affectionate and clingy.  Her puppies are food motivated, always has happy personality and loving nature. Her puppies with Marley are perfectly smart!

Harley (25 lb)

Apricot Mini Ultimate GoldenDoodle

She is very mellow and easy going with any other dogs and children. She has  apricot spiral fleece coat. Harley is feminine and obedient, Never barks. She joins other Doodles we own to be therapy Doodles visiting schools, Hospitals, Hospice Care and retirement communities.