“We found Seattlegoldendoodles through a referral from a friend. Sooo glad to meet Stephanie. She answers our questions patiently and keep us updated for pups’ growth. Finally, we decide to adopt 2 of them. That was best decision we ever made! These 2 puppies were darling. Not only they were potty trained, they were brilliant puppies, they were all prepared to come and join us.”

“This is our mini Multigen Penny. She is now 2 years old, daughter of Red Cayenne and Scarlet. She is so gentle and cuddly, but also sassy and fun! She loves everyone she meets. We are really in love with her. Thank you Stephanie.”

This is Honey, our Red mini Goldendoodle from Pepper and Scarlet. She is the most loving Pup ever. People loves her since she looks like a stuff animal. She is definitely a Show Stopper wherever we go. She is gorgeous red, smart, and rarely ever bark. If you ever think to adopt a Goldendoodle Pup, get one from Seattlegoldendoodles!

“Hi, I am Biscuit, a son of Percy and Nicky. I am handsome, brilliant, and admired by everyone who sees me. My mom and Dad really spoiled me. I am so thankful to have them both! Thank you Seattlegoldendoodles.”

“We bought Keiko last Fall 2016, a litter from Chili and Snoopy. We got her after a devastating death of our previous Shih Tzu. She is a miracle to us! She is soo cute with her tiniest adorable face and lovely…”

“Meet Charlie, our mini Multigen from Nicky and Percy. He recently tuned 2 years old, and he is sweeter than ever. He has nice creme and apricot ombre color, 100% nonshedding. He has the nicest temperament, we adore him. Thank you Stephanie.”